ATC Systems

Dex's ATC Systems cater to different machining needs, offering support for various types of automatic tool changer speeds, automatic braking, and positioning compensation.

They also include features like smart homing, optimized tool lock/unlock functions, and tool weighing capabilities. These ATC Systems collectively ensure efficient, reliable, and user-friendly tool changes, with remote control for seamless support.

DEX's ATC Model Comparison

Model Function
AIS Servo Sensor Universal Servo Motor


Wheel Sensor & Sensors Function Remarks
Controllers NC output controlled by PLC The Arrangement is in line with servo motor specifications; NC output controlled by PLC NC output controlled by PLC NC output controlled by PLC  
Output Arrangement 1 Output of alm Inspection out of 5 Sets The Arrangement is in line with servo motor specifications 7 Sets of Output 3-4 Sensors The cost of wheel sensor & sensors may be different according to the number of outputs
Motor Transmission Efficient Induction Servo Motor Servo Motor Universal Brake Motor Universal Brake Motor  
Fast Multiple speed Tool Change (Built-in) Over 10 Speed settings The number of speed settings is based on the modification by the servo motor supplier; three speed settings are standard none none The multiple speed function reduces collisions during quick tool change, prolonging the lifespan of the machine
Smart Automatic Brake check check check none Compatible with all kinds of controllers. Will not affect the ATC positioning, allows further modification
Automatic Positioning Compensation check check check none The ATC will modify the positioning result automatically. Local frequency (either 50Hz or 60 Hz) will not affect it
Fast & Slow Tool Change Speeds check check none none Can perform tool change at fast or slow speeds based on the weight and other characteristics of the tools in use
ATC & MAG Double Motor Control check none none none The brake is initiated and controlled electronically rather than mechanically. Therefore, there are no mechanical wear issues
Low-speed Bidirectional Control Function check none none none Easy maintenance and tool inspection
Smart Automatic Homing Function check none none none Single point initiation. User-friendly
Optimized In-Advance Tool Lock & Unlock Function check none none none No manual setting is needed
Smart Tool Weighing Function check none none none It prevents customers from changing heavy tools at a fast speed, which would shorten the lifespan of the tool changer
Smart In Advance Tool Lock & Unlock Function check none none none Performs an automatic unlock when the temperature is abnormal or lower than 0 degree Celsius and turns on the smart mode signal
Remote Control check none none none Supports instant communication with our service team from abroad

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